Vector Pro Bios Update Procedure

 The VECTOR PRO is exclusively available through Micro Center stores. As the retail-exclusive partner of MAINGEAR, Micro Center acts as the authorized service provider for all things VECTOR PRO. You can reach Micro Center support at (614) 850-3800 or by visiting Micro Center Tech Support.

This guide is for updating the VECTOR PRO 2021 model. The Vector Pro 17" 3080 5900h was used to create the instructions below, however, the process should be the same for the other corresponding models listed in the chart below.

 VECTOR PRO 2021 Models

1. Using the chart information above to determine the model for your Vector Pro(Also useful for using the renaming tool), you can download the correct BIOS from the MAINGEAR support page for the Vector Pro.

2. After the correct BIOS has been obtained, extract the folder, and open the file. 

3. Click on " BIOS".

4. Click on the Model main BIOS file. In this case, for all intel models, it would be the "  GM5TG7Y" folder. For all AMD, it would be GM5ZG7Y.

5. Go to the " FlashUtil" folder.

6. Click on "  AfuWin64", which would contain the files for the windows BIOS update procedure. The other folder(AfuEfi64) would be for updating the BIOS through a USB drive on startup from BIOS. 

7. In the AfuWin64 folder, find the " F" file, which would be the BIOS update bat file. Click on this file to launch the command line.

8. Agree to the UAC prompt. Click Yes.

9. Press any key to begin the BIOS update. Make sure there are no background apps running before begging the update. 

10. The BIOS update will begin as shown in the image below.

11. Once the BIOS update completes, it will automatically reboot the system. The system will reboot between 3-6 times and then eventually back into windows. Do NOT interrupt the system during the cycling process, or this could result in the system failing the BIOS firmware update, which would make the system no longer usable. Once the system is back in windows, the BIOS update would be complete. 

12. You can verify that the BIOS has been updated via the " System Information" prompt.  13. Steps 1-12 would update the system BIOS, and the steps from here on may not be required. If the laptop is not named correctly(Ex. 17" model but it shows as 15" model), run the "GM7TGxx_tool" in order to correct the naming. Use the chart at the beginning of the article to determine the correct folder to use. Once verified, click on the designated tools folder.

13. Run the " F" bat file to rename the system.

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