Installing a new hard drive in a Vybe

Installing a new hard disk drive (HDD) on the Vybe is relatively straight forward. Here is a brief illustrated walkthrough of the process:

The right hand (metal) side panel would need to be removed. This is the side opposite the tempered glass panel. With that panel removed, on the bottom left, near the front of the chassis, there will be an HDD cage.IMG_20200204_142128.jpg
To remove the HDD cage, you must unscrew the small thumbscrew shown. Once it is out, the cage will slide out. You may need to gently move the wiring bundle out of the way. IMG_20200204_142147.jpg
Here is the HDD cage outside the case:
Once you have the HDD cage removed, you can screw in up to 2 HDDs into the cage, connect the necessary SATA and power cables, and then perform the reverse of this process to reinstall the cage.

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