What is the warranty on a FORMA Gaming Chair?

FORMA Warranty:

MAINGEAR, Inc., through partnership with Micro Center Retail Locations, will replace any MAINGEAR chair that is found to be defective within five years from the original purchase date. This warranty is provided exclusively through Micro Center, and item exchanges are to be conducted through a Micro Center retail store or by contacting Micro Center support at (614) 850-3800. MAINGEAR.com does not provide warranty services to purchases made via Micro Center stores or Amazon.com.

This warranty is subject to certain exclusions, as outlined below:

- Abuse, misuse, and accidental damage
- Wear and tear/cosmetic damage occurring after normal use.
- Modifications to the product.
- Products used for commercial purposes.
- Products that were not assembled or maintained via the methods included in the instructions and warnings.

Please contact a MAINGEAR support specialist if you have any questions or concerns.

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