Game Codes FAQ

What are promotions:

Promotions are a form of advertising that many industries/companies use to promote the selling of a product. In the PC industry, that usually translates into free game codes you get with the purchase of a specific component, typically a CPU or a GPU. 

How to qualify for a promotion: 

To qualify for a promotion, a customer would need to purchase a fully integrated system that contains the qualifying hardware for the specific promotion/game code within the promotional period that is set by the provider of the code. For example, to qualify for the Battlefield 2042 promotion, a customer would have to purchase a system that has an RTX 3070 (&Ti), 3080 (&Ti), or 3090 between 08/24/2021 10/04/2021. In this case, NVIDIA is the provider of this code. 

When/how game codes are sent to customers:  

If a customer purchases a system with qualifying hardware, the promotions/game codes related to that hardware will be sent out via email along with redemption instructions to the email address on file within 7 days of system arrival and within that same time, the codes will also be made available in the customers MAINGEAR account under Orders -> Order #xxxxxx -> Game Codes.  

How to redeem a game code: 

Instructions will be sent via email to the email address on file for each individual promotion. It typically consists of going to the game code providers website or application and redeeming the code. If you have any questions about how to redeem your code, you can always email our promotions department at  

Its important to mention that in order to redeem a code successfully, it will have to be redeemed within the redemption period that may be a different time frame than the promotional period. Using the same example as before for the Battlefield 2042 promotion, the redemption period for it is between 08/27/2021 01/04/2021. Both time frames are set by the provider of the code directly and have hard deadlines that cannot be worked around. 

 Because of the nature of these game codes and how they are supplied by a game code provider directly and not through MAINGEAR, we cannot guarantee that: 

-A system will be built, shipped, and will arrive before the end of the promotional period, 

-Or if a customer receives a system after that period and doesn't receive or cannot redeem a code, that they will be provided a new code or be remunerated for the game code. For more information please see our terms and conditions: 

As always, if you have any other promotion related questions that were not covered here, feel free to email them to our promotions department at 



1-Can I receive my code before the system arrives? 

Promotions are mostly hardware locked, so you wouldn't be able to redeem a code without the specific hardware needed for it. If you have someone who has the required hardware and can redeem the code for you, we have no problem sending that over ahead of time. If this is something you're interested in, please contact our promotions department at 

2-If I ordered a system with qualifying hardware one/few day(s) before/after the promotional period, can I still receive a code? 

These are hard deadlines set by the provider of the game code, therefore, that would not be possible. 

3-If I received my system after the end of the redemption period, can I still get a code? Will I be compensated for missing out on the code? 

Because these codes being supplied by a provider and the deadlines for the promotional and redemption periods are set by the provider and not through us, were afraid we would not be able to assist you in getting a code and cannot compensate you for the value of the game code.  

4-If I missed out on the promotion my hardware qualified for, what can MAINGEAR do? 

Were happy to let you know if future promotions become available for your hardware. For that, please sign up for our Newsletter where you'll get notifications about any news, sales, giveaways, live streams and more! The sign-up can be found at the bottom of our home page:  

5- Can I get a different game instead since both games, the one I got and the one I want to switch to, are valued at the same price? 

Game codes do not carry a dollar value and are not supplied by us, so I'm afraid we would not be able to accommodate that request. 





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