Fixing Slow USB Transfer Speeds

If you are experiencing slow USB transfer speeds, then there are a few settings you could enable in order to help increase your USB transfer speeds.

  • Right click on the Windows start Menu on the bottom left-hand corner, a dialog box will come up, in that list select “Device Manager”, which should look like the screenshot below:

  • Next click on “Disk Drive” to expand it. Look for your USB thumb drive that should appear in that list. Right-click on it and select “Properties”. You will see the following window appear:

  • Click on the “Policies” tab and you will see a few options such as “Quick Removal” and “Better Performance”. Pictured below:

  1. Select “Better Performance” and if you have the option to enable “Write caching policy”, “Enable Write caching on this device”, and “Turn off Windows write-cache buffer flashing on the device” Go ahead and enable all of those options. Next, click on “OK”, however please be aware that by enabling these faster write speeds, you are also disabling some safeguards for quickly removing the device.

Once enabled it is best to safely remove the USB device or “Eject” it by right clicking on the USB device in file explorer and select “Eject” prior to physically removing it.

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