How to remove VYBE Mk. V front panel

To remove the front panel on the Vybe Mk. V chassis in order to remove or replace the intake fan filter, locate the small gap directly underneath the front panel of the chassis. We've provided an example of the location pointed out in the photo below. This will allow you to pull the panel loose from the chassis.

  1. Using one hand, put your fingers underneath the gap and have your thumb on the front side of the front panel
  2. Brace your body up against the front panel to prevent the panel itself from falling loosely away from the chassis when detached. There is a cable attached to the front panel for the front logo LED lightning, If the front panel is pulled too far away from the chassis, this cable has the potential to break.
    1. 689d4a6cb0c072b0080323fd348c2fb3.png
  3. Using your hand underneath the front panel inside the gap, pull the front panel towards you using a bit of force.
  4. The bottom half of the front panel should pop off first. Continue pulling gently to pop off the top half of the front panel from the chassis. Again, please be aware that there is a wire that is attached to the front panel so do not allow the panel to pull too far away from the chassis or dangle.

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