All MAINGEAR computers include at least a 1-year warranty -- extended warranties are available to purchase with our desktop PCs for an additional fee when you checkout. 

MAINGEAR’s top priority is customer service. The basic tenets of our support policy are as follows:

  1. We will warranty all parts in your system during the stated warranty period.
  2. We will never charge you for labor for repairs or for support during the lifetime of your system.
  3. If, for the first 30 days after you take delivery of your system there happens to be a problem, we will cover all ground shipping costs associated with your issue. After that we will pay for one-way shipping.
  4. With your approval, we can employ virtual on-site, remote diagnostic software to correct any issues we can remotely. These sessions are secure, private, and cannot take place without your authorization.
  5. Even though your system may be outside of its MAINGEAR warranty period, some individual hardware inside your PC may still carry a manufacturer’s warranty. We’ll do our best to help you engage those manufacturers should you need to seek repairs or replacement parts directly.

For more info, please review our full Warranty and Return Policy.

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