What is the Ignition? MAINGEAR makes PSU's?

We're thrilled to have recently debuted our first line of premium power supplies— MAINGEAR Ignition.

Ignition is the result of years of planning and development. Manufactured by FSP, the same company behind EVGA's SuperNOVA PSU's. they're based on a similar spec, with design refinements and innovations from MAINGEAR to improve performance. We're especially proud to bring you the Ignition at a class-leading price point, which allows customers to use that savings towards other core components in their builds, like processors and graphics cards.

Ignition is available in the following three models:

  • 850W 80+ Gold (Fully-modular)
  • 1000W 80+ Platinum (Fully-modular)
  • 1200W 80+ Platinum (Fully-modular)

Some features and specs:

  • Comprehensive Protection: Over Current/Voltage/Power/Temperature Protection, Under Voltage Protection, and Short Circuit Protection provide maximum safety to your critical system components
  • Fully Modular Cable Design: The fully modular cable design allows use of only the cables you need for reduced system clutter and improved air flow
  • Flexible cables to provide easy cable routing
  • Powerful single rail +12V output
  • Assembled with tier 1 Japanese capacitors, active clamp and DC to DC converter design to improve output voltage stability
  • Tight Regulation: Voltage fluctuation will be at its minimum. Power output will be clean with low electrical ripple and noise. All power ports will offer robust power for easy overclocking
  • Replaceable side decals for a personalized look
  • Unique MAINGEAR red power cable to easily identify your PCs power connection
  • Server grade design: copper bars are used to join component boards to the main board for increased efficiency
  • Active PFC > 99%: Active PFC reduces reactive power, which reduces the cost of electricity and distributes power efficiently to all components connected to the PSU
  • Quiet and long-lasting 135mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing cooling fan: the long-life 135mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing fan will keep your PSU running cool and effective while staying whisper quiet
  • ECO mode fan switch for silent operation: Run your PC in complete silence with ECO mode, which deactivates the fan until a higher load and temperature threshold is achieved

Let us help you configure your next build around our all new Ignition! Contact a MAINGEAR sales or support specialist if you have any questions.

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