The MAINGEAR Vector Pro is perhaps the industries best ultra-thin gaming notebook, and we're thrilled to offer it exclusively through our partnership with Micro Center stores nationwide, as well as online at and Amazon. We've received an unprecedented number of inquiries surrounding Vector Pro, with interest from new and existing customers alike. We put together this FAQ to address some of our most commonly asked questions. 

We'll be sure to update this over time, but if you can't find an answer to your question here, don't hesitate to reach out to a MAINGEAR or Micro Center sales specialist!

Be advised, this FAQ applies only to the following VECTOR PRO models:




Q: What is the total battery capacity?
A: 91kWh on the 17" and 62kWh on the 15"

Q: Is there a software option to limit the battery to specific charge capacities?
A: No, this is not supported via software.

Q: I already own a MAINGEAR VECTOR. Can I use that charger on VECTOR PRO?
A: While the charger itself will fit, it's not going to provide the full power delivery required, and as a result we do not recommend using a standard Vector charger on Vector Pro. Additional charging accessories are available for purchase separately.

Q: I already own a MAINGEAR ELEMENT. Can I use that charger on VECTOR PRO?
A: Yes, any generation of MAINGEAR ELEMENT will provide the optimal power delivery and can be used to charge Vector Pro.

Q: What is the total graphics power (TGP) being delivered to the GPU?
A: 125W on RTX 3070 models and 140W-165W* on RTX 3080 models. (*software restricted to 140W for optimal thermal and power efficiency)

Q: What is the power output of the VECTOR PRO charging adapter?
A: 230W @ 19.5V 11.8A

Q: Can the VECTOR PRO be charged via it's Thunderbolt/USB-C port?
A: No, those ports will not support power delivery. The included AC adapter will be required for charging.


Q: What is the color accuracy of the built-in display?
A: The display covers the entire sRGB color space and 72% of AdobeRGB.

Q: What is the maximum display brightness in nits?
A: While most gaming laptops are around 300 nits, Vector Pro comes in at a class-leading 400 nits.

Q: Does VECTOR PRO have a MUX switch?
A: No, however the included MAINGEAR NODE Control Center software allows for toggling between the dedicated-GPU and Optimus, which automatically switches between integrated and dedicated graphics based on utilization.

Q: What type of display panel is used?
A: Vector Pro features an enhanced TFT LED panel for improved color accuracy and viewing angles.

Q: What is the display response time?
A: This can vary, but black to white response times clock in around 12ms (rise and fall combined).

Q: Can I connect a display via the USB-C/Thunderbolt port?
A: Yes! Vector Pro support DisplayPort Alt-Mode, and displays can be connected via the HDMI out, USB-C, or Thunderbolt port (on Intel models). This allows you to run up to 2 external displays in tandem with the built-in display, for a total of 3 screens.

Q: What is the maximum supported resolution when connecting a display via DisplayPort-Alt-Mode?
A: Up to 60Hz @ 4K and up to 240Hz @ 1080p/1440p (cable/monitor permitting)

Q: What DisplayPort specification is supported over USB-C (DisplayPort-Alt-Mode)?
A: DP version 1.4

Q: Which HDMI specification is utilized on VECTOR PRO?
A: HDMI 2.1

Q: Can the integrated GPU be disabled in BIOS on VECTOR PRO?
A:  Yes, the integrated GPU(iGPU) can be disabled in the BIOS.


Q: How much RAM does the VECTOR PRO support?
A: Up to 64GB

Q: How many storage drives can be installed?
A: All Vector Pro models support up to two M.2 SSDs (2280 form factor).

Q: Are all of the M.2 slots Gen4 PCIe compatible? 
A: For the Intel models, the main(first) M.2 slot which is occupied by the OS drive would be Gen4 PCIe compatible, however, the secondary M.2 slot would be limited to Gen3 PCIe speeds. The AMD models only utilize Gen3 PCIe on both M.2 slots, they are not Gen4 PCIe capable on either slot.  

Q: What is “RAID 0” and why is it only included on the 17.3” Ryzen 9 model?
A: RAID 0, also known as “disk striping”, is used to boost a systems performance. This is accomplished by writing data across multiple drives simultaneously. Imagine you have to paint two identical wooden boards. You can paint them one at a time and finish in 30 minutes, but if you lie them side by side and paint across both at the same time, you can accomplish this task in half the time. The same concept applies to RAID 0. This feature is only offered on the max spec 17.3" Ryzen 9 configuration, and will speed up read/write times to the SSD.

Q: How is RAID configured on the 17.3" Ryzen 9 VECTOR PRO model?
A: NVMe RAID is enabled at the BIOS level and can be disabled in BIOS under the "Advanced" tab.

Q: How do I complete a Windows reinstall if my system is equipped with RAID?
A: If you need to reinstall Windows on your RAID-equipped VECTOR PRO, please contact the Microcenter support team for guidance. An extra step is required to ensure RAID is enabled. Alternatively, RAID can be disregarded and the (2) NVMe SSDs can serve as independent volumes.

Q: Do all models include Thunderbolt?
A: Only the Intel-equipped models will support Thunderbolt.


Q: Does the VECTOR PRO support the use of XMP, or custom memory timing in the BIOS?
A: These options are not available in BIOS. RAM speed out of the box will run at 3200MHz.

Q: Can Hyper-Threading/SMT be disabled?
A: No, this can not be disabled within BIOS on Intel-equipped models.

Q: Does VECTOR PRO include TPM support?
A: Yes, all models support TPM 2.0.

Q: Does the MAINGEAR NODE Control Center work in Windows 11?
A: Yes, version of the Node Control Center is Windows 11 Compatible. 

Q: How can I get the keyboard color set to white on my Vector Pro?
A: The Vector pro keyboard is not capable of being set to a white color for the RGB keyboard.

Q: Who provides support and warranty coverage for my VECTOR PRO?
A: VECTOR PRO is exclusively available through Micro Center stores. As the retail-exclusive partner of MAINGEAR, Micro Center acts as the authorized service provider for all things VECTOR PRO. They will work with you to troubleshoot and facilitate any warranty claims or repairs if needed. You can reach Micro Center support at (614) 850-3800 or by visiting Micro Center Tech Support.

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