F131 Full System Maintenance Guide

Whether it's giving your system a general cleaning, taking care of your nice looking automotive paint, or maintaining your open loop liquid cooling system for your F131, the following guide has everything you need! 

NOTE: You can also download a printable PDF version of this guide here: F131 Full System Maintenance Guide


Gather all tools necessary for your procedure from the list below before you begin.


  • Screwdriver
  • Coolant
  • Squeeze Bottle
  • Drain Tube
  • Polymer Wedge
  • Bucket
  • Towels (Just in case!)
  • Compressed Air Can


  • Screwdriver
  • Polymer Wedge (a couple packs of playing cards will also do!)
  • Compressed Air Can


  • Detailing Cleaning Spray
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


  1. Power off your system, unplug every connection, and place your system in an area easily accessible from all angles.
  2. Start off by removing the front glass by removing the four thumb screws shown below. Place the glass back inside the box in between the foam inserts (or safe place on a soft/protected surface.) 
  3. Remove the back panel by unscrewing the eight screws indicated below. Place the back panel inside the box and separate it from the glass panel by using the foam inserts (or on another soft/protected surface)
  4. Remove the top grill by gently pulling up on it. The clips should release relatively easy. Place the grill inside the box separated by the foam inserts (or on another soft/protected surface.) 
  5. On the front side of the case, the top right 2 screws need to be undone. The two screws on the backside of the case which was previously blocked by the back panel need to be removed as well. 
  6. On the top left side of the case four screws need to be removed: the back two screws and the outer screw on the front and back side of the case. It is important that the screws marked in GREEN need to be left in to create a pivot point: The inner screw on both faces of the case.
  7. Facing the front of the chassis, you may now lift the right side of the top grill and insert your place holder to prop up the top panel. If you don't have a polymer wedge, a couple packs of playing cards will suffice, as there about the desired thickness! Turn the power switch into the off position “o” and press the power button to drain any residual power remaining in the system. (Location of the PSU switch may vary)
  8. The preparation process is now complete. Most of the maintenance that needs to be done can now be completed in your current system’s state. Please skip to the appropriate section below to continue with your process:


General Cleaning 

  1. Using a can of compressed air, you may blow out the system thoroughly until most dust and other particles are removed from your system. When directing air to any fan, please ensure to hold the fan so it does not spin with the air current, as allowing the fan to spin during this procedure may damage the fan bearings and will make it significantly harder to clean the fan.
  2. A dry microfiber cloth may be used to wipe away and excess dust carefully. Be sure not to get too close to any motherboard components while wiping down the system. 

Painted Chassis

  1. Complete the steps listed above in the “General Cleaning” section
  2. Using a detailing cleaner spray, apply it to a section of the chassis and apply some pressure while wiping it down. If your chassis has interior paint as well, you may wipe the inside of the system while remaining careful to stray away from the motherboard and its components.
  3. Wipe down the system with a dry section of the microfiber cloth. Ensure that every part that had detailer applied was wiped back over with a dry cloth.


Draining an APEX open loop system

  1. Set down a bucket to catch all fluid removed from the loop.
  2. Remove the rubber cover on the fitting at the bottom of the APEX block. Attach a drain tube to the fitting and guide it to the bucket to catch the liquid that will be drained.
  3. The right fitting on the top of the APEX block is an air exhaust button. When pressed down, it will allow the liquid to be pushed down and drained through the bottom into the bucket. 


Filling an APEX open loop system 

  1. Remove the right fitting on the top of the APEX block.
  2. Pour coolant into a squeeze bottle 
  3. Insert nozzle of squeeze bottle into the opening where the fitting was removed from and gently squeeze the bottle to refill the loop. Ensure not to apply too much pressure as splash back is possible 
  4. Fill the loop and leave about a quarter of an inch and replace the fitting that was removed, ensuring it is hand tightened fully. 



Reference the images above for clarification 

  1. Ensure that every fitting is back in its original location, tightened fully. (APEX only) 
  2. Flip the PSU Button back to its ON position “I” 
  3. Remove the space holder and re-seat the top panel to its original orientation.
  4. Replace all 8 screws that were removed for the top panel to allow it to pivot.
  5. Re-seat the top grill back onto the chassis by lining up the pegs with its corresponding clips and push down, all 6 pegs should click back into position.
  6. Set the back panel onto the chassis and replace all 8 screws.
  7. Carefully re-seat the front panel and hand tighten all 4 thumbscrews to secure the glass back onto the chassis.
  8. Reconnect your system and continue enjoying your MAINGEAR system!


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