How do I control the RGB lighting on my system?

There are two possible ways you can control the RGB lighting on your system, depending on the configuration of your MAINGEAR system:

  • Use the remote control. If the remote is not responsive then you will need to switch the RGB controller from motherboard controlled to remote controlled. To do this, remove the rear side panel from your chassis and locate the RGB/Fan controller. On the top side of the controller there is a switch, flip it (On the TURBO this controller is in the rear near the power extension cable).RGB in the system should now respond to the remote. Remember to remove the plastic tab from the remote, if it isn't removed already.
  • Use the RGB control software that corresponds with the manufacturer of your motherboard. The manufacturer of your motherboard can be found branded on the motherboard itself or on your invoice. These are typically pre-installed on your system, but if you've uninstalled them or had to re-install Windows on your computer, you can find links for each manufacturer and the name of the software that corresponds to it below:

ASUS: ASUS Aura Sync
MSI: MSI Mystic Light
Gigabyte: Gigabyte RGB Fusion

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