Choosing a Graphics Card

Your graphics card will have the largest impact on gaming performance, including framerates and visual fidelity. Gamers should consider their budget as well as the monitor they plan to use, as it’s important to pair a monitor capable of keeping up with your graphics card to make the most out of your new PC. High framerates are best achieved on monitors with high refresh rates.

There’s more to a graphics card than its onboard video memory (VRAM). We oftentimes see customers laser focused on choosing a graphics card solely based on how much memory it has, and it’s important to note that while video memory is important, other factors play an even larger role, such as the amount of graphics processing cores and the speed of those cores. Games will require more video memory at higher resolutions. If you’re gaming at 1080p or 1440p, for example, you’d require significantly less video memory than if gaming at 4K or 8K.

Not all gameplay utilizes the graphics card equally. As graphics cards become more advanced, they may not have to work as hard to keep up with less demanding games, or games at lower resolutions. For customers gaming at 1080p (FHD), or those enjoying older titles, expect diminished returns as you move up the graphics cards product range. In these scenarios, your computer’s processor becomes a more critical factor in in-game performance. If gaming at 1440p (QHD) or 4K (UHD), expect your graphics card to play a much larger role, and performance to more substantially improve as you move up the range.

Users focused on content creation should consider high end graphics cards if the software you’re using makes use of GPU acceleration, or “GPU-bound” workloads. A common misconception, for example, is that video editing requires a high-end GPU, when in fact most video editing software makes little use of the graphics card, with the CPU playing a much larger role in performance and rendering times. Of course, not all software follows this rule.

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