Choosing a Power Supply

Your power supply is responsible for providing clean, regulated power to all your components. The following power supplies will provide the recommended power output for your configuration and have passed MAINGEAR's strict quality assurance testing. Power supplies are rated by their maximum wattage threshold and typically run smoother and cooler when given additional headroom above the wattage requirement of the PC.

The efficiency rating of a power supply (Bronze, Gold, Platinum, etc.) represents how effective a power supply is at converting AC power from the wall to DC power to your components. The higher the efficiency rating, the more precise that power draw and delivery, which can sometimes result in lower electricity bills and better power supply longevity. MAINGEAR has ensured that all the power supplies we offer possess an 80 Plus Bronze rating or better. To make the selection process even easier, our configurators will only present you with compatible options based on the components you’ve selected, so you never have to worry about selecting an insufficient power supply.

Power Supply Cables

Whether you’re looking for a cleaner aesthetic, or a specific accent color for your new MAINGEAR PC, braided cable kits replace your power supplies stock cable set with a kit of individually sleeved braided cables. While stock cables are perfectly fine, braided cables provide a more premium touch to elevate your build to the next level, and we’ll wire your individually sleeved cables through custom made cable combs to ensure expert craftsmanship and a seamless, clean aesthetic. All unneeded cables leftover from your custom PC’s assembly will be provided to you along with your system.

Feeling ready to make the jump into a new build? Head over to our custom configurators to spec out your new system here. If you'd rather leave the research and customization to the experts, take a look at our Ready to Game systems here.

Too many options? Still have questions? Give us a call at 908-620-9050 or reach out via email to Our entire staff is made up of gamers and creators alike, and we’re happy to lend a hand with configuring your new PC, however you plan to use it most!

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