Choosing an Operating System

All MAINGEAR PC’s come with a bloat-free OEM version of Windows. While Home and Pro options are available, Windows Home is generally sufficient for most users. Windows Pro includes features largely geared towards enterprise users, such as disk encryption, update deferrals, and remote system management tools.

Unless otherwise specified, we’ll install Windows on the primary M.2 NVMe SSD in your system. MAINGEAR also provides customers with a free Windows Recovery USB flash drive. This USB drive may come in handy should you find yourself needing to troubleshoot or reset your PC back to its factory configuration.

Feeling ready to make the jump into a new build? Head over to our custom configurators to spec out your new system here. If you'd rather leave the research and customization to the experts, take a look at our Ready to Game systems here.

Too many options? Still not sure which to choose? Give us a call at 908-620-9050 or reach out via email to Our entire staff is made up of gamers and creators alike, and we’re happy to lend a hand with configuring your new PC, however you plan to use it most!

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