How to perform a system restore point?

System restore points are basically like a time machine for your PC. Using a system restore point allows your system to travel back in time to an earlier state before your system may have started to experience software related issues. This is a great tool to use if it is available in situations such as:

  • Receiving BSOD after updating windows.
  • Receiving BSOD after recently installing new software or drivers.
  • If a function suddenly stops working such as audio or Wi-Fi.
  • If software/programs stop launching.
  • To revert recently installed Windows updates.
  1. Please follow the instructions below to perform a system restore in windows.


Automatic Repair Menu Instructions

  1. If you are unable to access windows and only the recovery option menu, please follow the instructions below:
  2. After the system restore completes, the system will reboot into Windows if the restore was successful.

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