How do I run a diagnostic test on my system memory?

A system memory test can require two or more hours to complete, so we recommend running it overnight, or while you're away from your computer. If there is a faulty stick of RAM in your PC it could cause issues ranging from memory management errors to system crashes and blue screens (BSODs). Please follow the steps below to run a memory diagnostic test through Windows. Once the test is finished the system will boot back in to Windows.

Note: Running a memory test will render the system unusable until it's completed.
  1. Type Mdsched.exe or Windows Memory Diagnostics in the Windows Start menu search bar. 
  2. You can either choose to restart now to start the test immediately or “check for problems the next time I start my computer” to test the system the next time it boots up.
  3. Once the test completes it will boot back into Windows. In order to see the results, please press the Windows Key+R to open the "Run" prompt.
  4. Type eventvwr.exe and press enter to open Event Viewer.
  5. Expand the Windows logs located in the left plane.
  6. Right click on System and click on Find.
  7. Type MemoryDiagnostics-Results, and click the Find Next button.
  8. Click the X to close the Find prompt.
  9. In Event Viewer, double-click on the MemoryDiagnostics-Results source, and see the message. If the result reads " The Windows Memory Diagnostic tested the computer's memory and detected no errors" then you can dismiss memory/ram as the possible cause of the problem.
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